Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from all of our Illini Service Dog Organization members! We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!



Welcome our new member, Huff!


We are pleased to announce the newest member of the Illini Service Dog family! Meet Huff, an 8 week old lab mix. Huff, with his mom and siblings, were dumped on the side of the road. Great Lakes Lab Rescue saved them! This family was fostered by our friend at Turning Point Labradors, who provided a loving home for mom and babies until they were ready to go up for adoption. Huff is sponsored by the Leber Family Foundation, whose generous donation gave them naming privileges! Please consider Turning Point Labs and Great Lakes Lab Rescue when bringing the next four legged member into your family; many of these adorable pups are still waiting to find their fur-ever home!

Huff has gone from disposable to indispensable. We can't wait to show the world what Huff can do!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

ESPN Features the Illini Service Dog Program on Gameday!

Our program is excited to announce that #ESPN is featuring The Illini Service Dogs Organization during the Illinois Vs. Penn State football game!
Look out for us on ESPN, the segment will be featured during the 3rd quarter of the Fighting Illini football game.
Please help support our program, if you are interested in donating please do so here.

 Circee and Aero aren't camera shy when it comes to performing their current skills.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Student Tailgate

Our dogs and handlers enjoyed the Illini Student Tailgate this weekend!
(Aero, Busey and Circee braved the chilly weather!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day 2014

Happy Veterans Day!
Thank you to the individuals who serve in our armed forces and who have helped our country!
Abe, Aero, Busey, Circee, and Grainger showing their patriotism. 
(Left to right)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall at University of Illinois

Halloween and the Fall weather at the University of Illinois has Circee, Aero, Grainger and Busey in great moods!

Here are some updated snap shots of some of their fun. Please visit each individual dog's tab to keep up with their current training!
(Halloween 2014)
Our dogs enjoyed being Minions for the day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7th, 2014

Today is the fourth anniversary of the Illini Service Dogs. It is quite a special day for us. As we reflect on our accomplishments, our founder would like to share more about the background of the Illini Service Dogs.

“It all started with a girl, a dog, and a dream…”

 Bridget and Her first service dog, Coal.

Service dogs are often very expensive and organizations have extremely long waiting lists. I knew that I could benefit from a service dog, so my family got our first dog that I trained as my service dog. My first dog, Coal, was amazing. He taught me more than I taught him. Coal knew over 40 commands such as opening doors, retrieving objects, turning on and off lights, pulling me in my wheelchair, bracing when I walked or fell, and many other helpful skills. Coal attended high school, college, and even part of graduate school with me. I had to force him to retire at 12 years young or he would have happily kept working. I would like to share that even though he retired, he remained my family’s pet and guard dog against the ever-present squirrels in the backyard. When Coal retired, I was very blessed to have Hero as his successor. Hero attended graduate school with me and he is currently my partner in the working world. When we graduated with our Master’s degree, Hero wore a well-deserved cap and gown that can be seen pictured below.
 Bridget and Her service dog, Hero at graduation.

My dear Coal passed away on March 7th, 2014 at 14.5 years old. I am still grieving from this significant loss. I’m sure that anyone that has loved a dog can appreciate the pain that I still feel every day.

I am so proud of Coal because his impact was larger than changing my life. Coal changed the world. Coal is the reason that the Illini Service Dogs exist today. After I trained Coal (or he trained me), I began training service dogs for other people with disabilities. I felt strongly from a very young age that people should not have to wait years for a service dog and they should not have to pay an exorbitant amount of money.

When Coal and I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I met many students that said, “I wish I could train service dogs.” With Coal by my side as the perfect example of a service dog, many people dreamt of being able to train a service dog for other people with disabilities. That’s when Coal and I started the Illini Service Dogs, which has college students foster and train service dogs to provide to people with physical disabilities at no cost to the individual.

The Illini Service Dogs

I’m fortunate to see Coal’s legacy live on every day through all of the Illini Service Dogs. Coal changed a campus, changed people’s lives, and changed the world by raising awareness of service dogs, disability culture, and inspired a new generation.

The Illini Service Dogs trains people to become advocates for people with disabilities. As well as learning how to train a service dog, our volunteers learn all of the laws and responsibilities that are associated with service dogs. They become advocates for the disability community and attend many wonderful events each year to raise awareness about service dogs.

In addition to attending college classes, each of our volunteers takes part in training a service dog. Each of our dogs are trained to know over 40 commends to assist people with physical disabilities. In addition, the dogs are well experienced in a variety of situations and environments. They attend college lectures, Big Ten and major sports games, movies, concerts, and they travel around the state experiencing different events at locations such as the St. Louis arch and the Bean in Chicago. By the time the dogs graduate from our organization, they are well prepared to handle life as a service dog.

How You Can Help

Our mission is to provide highly trained service dogs to people with disabilities at no cost. We rely solely on donations and we appreciate every donation that we receive. Training a service dog is very costly as we ensure that our dogs receive quality health care, dog food, and training supplies. You can support our mission by donating to the below links. We are a volunteer run organization and your total donation will go to support improving people’s lives.

We also offer sponsorship opportunities for individuals, families, and companies that may include naming privileges of a future service dog in training.

In addition to monetary donations, we are always appreciative of in-kind donations of the following items:
-          Purina Pro Plan SportDog Food 
-          Milkbone dog treats
-          Kong toys
-          Nylabones
-          Dog beds
-          Medium/large dog crates
-          Blankets
-          Collars (S/M/L)
-          Leashes

We greatly appreciate the support we have received from our family, friends, and fans. We couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you for believing in my dream.


Bridget Evans

Please contact us at if you have any questions.