Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring Shenanigans!

Abe represents the Fighting Illini at a mens' basketball game! 

  Maizey, Circee, and Busey are pretty in pink for the Valentine's Day pet-a-pup fundraiser!
Violet is dressed and ready for the snow!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Welcome, Violet!

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Illini Service Dogs. Meet Violet! She's a 5 month old standard poodle and we are very grateful to the Collier family for donating this sweet girl. Violet is named after the Illinois state flower. We are excited to share her journey from puppy to service dog.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Looking for ways to support Illini Service Dogs? Our GoFundMe just went live, so here's your chance! With your generosity we will be able to train a new puppy--and you will be able to vote on a name! Every donation, no matter the size will help us reach our goal!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mobilizing the world, four paws at a time

Today we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Illini Service Dogs. Our organization trains people to become advocates for the disability community. As well as learning how to train a service dog, our volunteers learn all of the laws and responsibilities that are associated with service dogs. They become the next generation of advocates. As we reflect on our accomplishments, we would like to thank you for supporting our mission, vision, and dream. Mobilizing the world, four paws at a time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Support Illini Service Dogs!

T-Shirt Fundraiser for National Service Dog Month!

Support Illini Service Dogs by purchasing a t-shirt! These shirts will be on sale for a limited time, Sept 1 through Sept 13 at midnight, so do not hesitate! Every shirt directly benefits our dogs and contributes to their training! 

All pick up orders must be picked up on Friday, September 18 between 11-2 on the Main Quad at the Pet-the-Pup event by the person who submitted the order. You must have a photo ID to receive your shirt, and there will be no size exchanges at the time of pick up. If you cannot pick up your order at this time, please select the shipping option. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Welcome, Maizey!

Welcome to the Illini Service Dog Family, Maizey!

We would like to introduce the newest addition to the Illini Service Dog Family: Maizey! Named for the corn at the Marrow Labs, Maizey is an 8 week old puppy that we have adopted from our friends at the St. Louis Senior Dog Project. We want to give special thanks to all of our fans for helping us pick her name! We cannot wait to get started with you! 

Happy International Assistance Dog Week!

Day 1 (8/2): Happy international Assistance Dog Week (IADW)! IADW was created to honor these hardworking animals and their dedicated trainers, as well as educate the public not these specially trained dogs. In honor of this, we will be sharing one fact each day this week about assistance dogs and the Illini Service Dog program! We would like to start off this week by thanking all of our volunteers for their hard work and dedication to our program! 

Day 2 (8/3): In honor of IADW, here is our first fact! There are three main types of assistance dogs: Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs. Guide dogs are trained to partner with the blind or visually impaired. Hearing dogs are trained to assist those who are deaf or hearing impaired by alerting their handler to important sounds. All other dogs trained to help individuals are called service dogs. The Illini Service Dogs are in training to be mobility service dogs, and are trained to help those who have physical impairments that have an effect on their mobility. Although this is not an exhaustive list, other types of service dogs include medical alert dogs, seizure assistance dogs, diabetic assistance dogs, and autism assistance dogs. 

Day 3 (8/4): The Illini Service Dogs wear vests in order to inform passersby that they are working and should not be distracted. This means that they are working and should not be distracted. This means that they should not be pet, fed or have their name called, as it takes their focus from their handler, potentially putting them in harm's way.


Day 4 (8/5): Any breed can be a service dogs. Service dogs come in all shapes and sizes. The Illini Service Dogs adopts dogs from shelters, rescues or reputable breeders based on their temperament and their drive to work. 

Day 5 (8/6): The federal law that protects service animals is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Under the ADA, businesses that serve the public, including state and local governments, as well as non-profit organizations, must allow service dogs to accompany their partner with a disability in areas of the facility where the public is allowed to go. Service dogs are needed, so you might see one in a movie theatre, on an airplane, or in a restaurant. 

Day 6 (8/7): The Illini Service Dogs learn over 40 commands during their training with our student handlers. In the two years they spend training, the dogs learn everything from basic obedience to how to turn lights on and off, and how to open a door for their handler. All of the skills that our dogs learn are preparing them for life as a service dog to assist with activities of daily living in every environment. 

Day 7 (8/8): To conclude our celebration of IADW, we would like to recognize all of our volunteers, both past and present, for being such dedicated advocates for disability culture. As a part of Illini Service Dogs, our volunteers learn about the laws that protect assistance animals, seek to educate the public on the use of service animals, and become life-long advocates for disability culture.